The LFTA offers courses in the various aspects of professional filmmaking to anyone with the drive and the passion to learn. The LFTA is always on the lookout for new talent to become a part of what is a rapidly expanding and ground-breaking force in the film industry, and to contribute to the growing list of up-coming projects that aim to elevate Malaysia to the status of a regional hub for media content. The courses vary in duration and the scope, but are consistent in depth and expertise.

Filmmaking Course (1 month)

100 hours of class contacts. This course will cover knowledge from pre-production, production to post-production. At the same time, students will learn a fundamental film and television production skill and knowledge in a range of media equipments at both operational and technical level.

Filmmaking Course (4 months)

This course provides training and support for those wishing to work in the film industry and produce their own films. Students will receive over 500 hours of hands-on instruction and actual production experience, from development and finance of script, all the way to the distribution of the film. The course is taught by industry professionals with current knowledge of the industry, as well as access to those all-important contacts.

Scriptwriting Short Course (1 month)

The goal of this course is to introduce the students, over 100 hours of training, to the concept and execution of communicating screen stories to a reader. Throughout the teaching period, students will gain a basic understanding of the language of screenplay, script formats, conventions of narrative structure, and so forth.

Cinematography Short Course (1 month)

This course is designed to help the students to familiarize themselves with all the skills necessary to be a director of photography. Students will be taught, over 100 hours, the basic skills involved in operating a range of media tools, such as video cameras, audio recorders, lights, etc, and translate screenplays into films by capturing images, movement and pace.

Editing Short Course (1 month)

This course is designed to pass on to the students all the necessary skills to edit a video with Final Cut Pro on an Apple computer. Within the 100 hour period, the editing students will gain a basic understanding of the close relationship between writing, directing and editing, cultivating in them the finesse that is required for the juxtaposition of images and sound, which will ultimately determine the impact of the film, and the extent to which is conveys its intended message.

For all the courses above, classes are held daily, Monday to Friday at Limkokwing University Kuala Lumpur Campus. Each day consists of 5 hours lectures and workshops.

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